WE RECOMMEND DAVE TO ANY ONE

Dave made the entire process of buying our home as easy as possible.  Dave was always ready with a solution to any problem we encountered.  He was always available through the entire process.  While Dave was on vacation, he was in contact with us and the lender constantly!  A hurricane came through the week that we moved in.  Dave called us the day after to make sure we made it through the storm and to see if the house held up.  We recommend Dave to any one who is looking to buy a home.

                    -Matt & Bobbi Jo Steele


                                                                   DAVE WAS VERY SENSITIVE TO WHAT MY NEEDS WERE

The entire process of looking for and buying a home was much less painful than i imagined.  I am so happy with my decision to be a homeowner and truly thankful that I was privileged to work with Dave Jones.  Buying a home was quite a journey, but I think it was a good decision and I will encourage anyone to work with Dave in the future with their selling or buying a home.  Dave was very sensitive to what my needs were and to what I was telling him.  He was all about customer service.

                    -Carol Abraham


                                                                                     DAVE IS AN EXCEPTIONAL REALTOR

Dave is an exceptional realtor who will go above and beyond to ensure your needs for home ownership are met.  Dave answered questions on the fly, given my hectic work schedule.  Dave is professional and honest and I strongly recommend him to any home buyer! 

                    -Mario Migliori


                                                                                       UTMOST PROFESSIONAL AGENT

Dave is an extremely patient and utmost professional agent.  He is trustworthy, honest, friendly and courteous.  I enjoyed doing business with him and will continue to do so.

                    -Dale Howell


                                                                                         TRULY AN ASSET TO REMAX

My experience with my realtor, Dave Jones, has been great!  I have used many realtors in the past, but Dave has been outstanding!  He was always available when I or my boyfriend contacted him via phone or email.  He often would show us a house on short notice.  I always felt that he had my best interest at heart and did not try to sell me a house that I would not like, just to sell me a house.

He has always been very friendly and is a very positive person.  He was very helpful by making observations that I may have overlooked that might be of concern to me.

In order to me to finance the house, Dave made calls to the bank and mortgage broker on my behalf.  Also, he discussed my options with my personal financial advisor.  These actions were definitely over and above his duties.  He floored me when he made the suggestion to speak to these people.

Dave went out of his way to be a support system in the transaction of my own home, of which was a private sale.  He aided with the communication with the lawyer and kept me abreast of the progress of my buyer.

I can't say enough about Dave.  He is truly an asset to REMAX.

                    -Lucy Blascovich


                                                                                   INCREDIBLY FLEXIBLE AND PATIENT                                          

Dave Jones was honest, candid and so incredibly flexible and patient throughout the process.  His willingness and patience in putting up with multiple changes throughout the process was incredible.  His ability to understand our wants and needs was uncanny.  His experience, honesty and integrity all through the process, even the hiccups, were above reproach.

                    -Tom & Cathy Fitzgerald


                                                                            KNOWS THE MARKET AND KNOWS HIS BUSINESS

Dave is a great guy who knows the market and knows his business.  He had appropriate responses and follow up during the selling process.  I would recommend Dave to any buyer or seller.

                    -Edith Boake



                                                                            EXCELLENT SERVICE, EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION! 

Dave dealt directly with PMI and the mortgage broker, above and beyond.  Dave is an outstanding agent.  The service he provides is so thorough and detailed.  It is the best experience with an agent that I have ever experienced.  Thank you! 




Dave has done so much to help us, there isn't even enough room here to explain.  From answering questions at all times of the day (even while on vacation) to working tirelessly to get us into our dream home.  He is a value and a blessing to have in our lives.  I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so daily.  He is the best.  Dave exceeded in all aspects of his job.  Not only was he professional, but he was informative, honest, kind and generous.  He was the only thing that kept this nerve wracking process easier.  I cannot stress enough how amazing he is at his job and what a wonderful person he is.  He has gone far above and beyond what any normal realtor would have done.  I do not have enough words to express gratitude, appreciation, respect and joy that we feel in having him as such a close and vital part of our lives during this time.

                  -Chad & Leslie Glazer


                                                                          ALWAYS FELT I COULD TRUST HIM

I cannot say enough good things about Dave and always felt I could trust him completely.  Things were somewhat more complicated than normal business because I no longer live in PA and was unable to return for settlement.

                   -George Burkett


                                                                         WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND IN HELPING US

 Dave researched a company to come and clean out my dad's empty house.  He stayed with me at the house as the two potential   prospects came to see the property.  His help in this matter was greatly appreciated.  We struggled with cleaning out the belongings for months.  Dave was invaluable in helping us and went above and beyond in helping us.

                  -Tim & Robin Smith